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Power Wash

SKU: EVO8-Power Washer

Wet Clean Soap Additive to fight for germs, mold and odor causing bacteria

EVO8 Power Wash is specially formulated detergent for the wet cleaning process. It is a special blend of surfactants that are specifically designed for quick action and deep penetration into fabric fibers, yet they release and rinse easily so you don’t have a stubborn left over residue. Power Wash is pH balanced in a neutral pH range which is gentle on fabrics and great for color fastness.


To get the best performance out of Power Wash:


 *  Add 6 -8 oz of detergent per 50# load

 *  Pre-treat well soiled areas and stains


Upon completion of the wash process,

 you will have a clean odor free fabric

 along with a clean odor free washing machine.